Hello there,

This blog is all about channeling my creative mind by writing about my day-to-day interests whilst offering my opinions, analysis and conjecture in the process.

I was born and raised in sunny  Cornwall and have always been proud to say it. As many might have experienced, when fellow Cornishman meet in far flung places they are immediately given a firm handshake followed by a pint or a pasty. That’s just how we roll.


Whilst studying English Literature & Creative Writing at Bath Spa University I was able to refine my skills as a writer further, which led to the beginnings of a novel, a dissertation on the late (and great) Michael Crichton and numerous articles on football, music and film- some of which will have been posted on this blog.

During my second year of university, I started writing for American sports website The Bleacher Report where I was able to write articles about my beloved Arsenal. The site is the fourth largest sports website in America and has experienced a meteoric rise in fame over the last couple of years. Writing for them has been a huge privilege and I thoroughly recommend the site if you are an aspiring sports journalist like myself.

After graduating I continued to live in Bath with my friends, as we all took the brave decision to find temporary accommodation whilst scouring for our dream jobs. I worked at the local Coop, which I had worked in before during my second year, and began the depressing process of forging a career.

After only 9 weeks I was working for Strategy Internet Marketing, a small SEO company in Bristol, as a Creative Writing intern which is where I am now. I couldn’t be happier as the job allows me to be as creative as I can and lets me see ideas develop to conclusion.

So feel free to comment on what I write and contact me on twitter for any questions etc.


Joe Heywood


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